Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

A possible end of "The Giver"

Jonas and Gabe drive down the hill with the sled. In front of them appears a beautiful small village. It lies in a large valley. The sled stops. He carries the baby gently in his arms. He sees a wonderful light. Jonas beholds a secluded house. Maybe there are people who can help him and Gabe. He knocks uncertain on the door.  Who will open the door? Was it right to knock? Suddenly someone opens the door. It is an old woman. She looks at Jonas with her dim eyes. Jonas heart jumps out of his chest. He is really nervous. The smile of the old lady reassured him. " Come in my son" she sais and Jonas goes in with the baby. The old lady goes into the living room. " I knew that you would come to me, you can live with me here. I'll take care of you and Gabriel." Jonas is confused. " You know me? Why? What is going in here?" The old woman turns to the confused boy. "The Giver has provided for you Jonas". " Provided for me?". Jonas walks back and forth. " "Yes Jonas, he wants a good future for you and Gabriel. You need a home, you can ask me everything you want later. Are you hungry? I think so, lets eat. Welcome at home my son."

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Another title for "The Giver"

I think the title could be " The return of memories", because the main topic is about memories. At the end they return to the people of the strange community. Perhaps you can get a better idea of the content.

Or the title of the book could be " Fighting for the truth", because Jonas has the mission to flee out of the community. He fights against the rain, the cold and other things. He has to hide from the people and it is a fight to reach the summit. It is also a fight to go in a unknown world.

I have a last title for "The Giver", maybe you can call the book " Revolution inside", because Jonas has the idea to change the society. He feels angry about the horrible system. With a lot of zest, he makes the way to exempt the people alone. And everything begins with an idea inside him. The revolution inside him.

Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

The end of the book "The Giver"

Jonas flees with the newchild Gabriel out of the community. We do not get to know what happens to the citizens in the community. They will get back the memories. Jonas flees with Gabe, because he should be released. He wants to safe his life. The citizens search for him. But they do not find him. They can see him through the body heat. But the cold memories protect them. Sometimes he wants to go back, because he notices that it was a hard way. It was cold , sometimes it rains and than the snow falls down from the sky. They keep warm with the memories. They think of sunshine and other things. When they reach the summit of the mountain, Jonas recognizes the sled in one of his memories. He and Gabriel drives down the hill with the sled and arrives in a town with light and houses. He hears some music. He feels happy. But maybe the music was only an echo.

Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Unknown World

I have selected the picture, because it reminds me of Jonas and the new world. What will await him in the new world?. The dark landscape is very mysterious and so you do not know what the landscape includes.The dark man could be Jonas who thinks about his future and the unknown world in front of him. Maybe he will see a new community with different people and an other system of society .

By Dominiq and Sophia

Time to change

Jonas wants to change the community. Everyone has to see the memories. The colors, the pain, the war and the feeling of love.
He makes a plan with the Giver. Jonas wants to leave the Community. The result is, that the people get back the true memories.
The plan:
Jonas will leave his home, the night before the Ceremony. He writes a short letter to his parents that he makes a morning bicycle ride. So nobody become suspicious. The Giver will be waiting for Jonas at the Annex. A vehicle and a driver will be waiting for him, too. Jonas will get food for two weeks. When Jonas's absence is detected, the Giver will have returned to the community. At the Auditorium he will announce that Jonas fell into the river. Than he will help the people with the new memories.
The Giver doesn't want to go with Jonas. He wants to go to his daughter Rosemary.