Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

The end of the book "The Giver"

Jonas flees with the newchild Gabriel out of the community. We do not get to know what happens to the citizens in the community. They will get back the memories. Jonas flees with Gabe, because he should be released. He wants to safe his life. The citizens search for him. But they do not find him. They can see him through the body heat. But the cold memories protect them. Sometimes he wants to go back, because he notices that it was a hard way. It was cold , sometimes it rains and than the snow falls down from the sky. They keep warm with the memories. They think of sunshine and other things. When they reach the summit of the mountain, Jonas recognizes the sled in one of his memories. He and Gabriel drives down the hill with the sled and arrives in a town with light and houses. He hears some music. He feels happy. But maybe the music was only an echo.

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  1. Sophia,

    thank you for your summary of the last chapter of "The Giver". You have mentioned the most important ideas of the ending ... but I'm curious: What is the meaning of that echo? I think it's a confusing last sentence to such a book, don't you think so?

    PS: As soon as you talk about two people, like "he and Gabriel", you no longer use the singular form, but the plural form and therefore no 3rd person sg -s is needed.