Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

A possible end of "The Giver"

Jonas and Gabe drive down the hill with the sled. In front of them appears a beautiful small village. It lies in a large valley. The sled stops. He carries the baby gently in his arms. He sees a wonderful light. Jonas beholds a secluded house. Maybe there are people who can help him and Gabe. He knocks uncertain on the door.  Who will open the door? Was it right to knock? Suddenly someone opens the door. It is an old woman. She looks at Jonas with her dim eyes. Jonas heart jumps out of his chest. He is really nervous. The smile of the old lady reassured him. " Come in my son" she sais and Jonas goes in with the baby. The old lady goes into the living room. " I knew that you would come to me, you can live with me here. I'll take care of you and Gabriel." Jonas is confused. " You know me? Why? What is going in here?" The old woman turns to the confused boy. "The Giver has provided for you Jonas". " Provided for me?". Jonas walks back and forth. " "Yes Jonas, he wants a good future for you and Gabriel. You need a home, you can ask me everything you want later. Are you hungry? I think so, lets eat. Welcome at home my son."

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  1. This is a happy ending and it leaves the reader satisfied with a story that has an ending - in the end ;) I would be interested in how the GIver could contact "Elsewhere" and provide such a nice old lady that would care for Jonas and Gabe.

    some hints on language:
    - Uncertainly, he knocks on the door.
    - Check the difference "sun - son"