Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Chapter 16 and 17 most important things

At first Jonas doesn`t want the memories and the job ,because of the pain. But than the Giver gives him wonderful memories and he lern different feelings like love and the importance of a family. He learns about the grandparents and a "real family". He recognize that the family can't love him. They don't know that feeling and so Jonas feels alone. Nobody understands him and his feelings. There is no love in the community. This makes him really sad. Jonas mother sais that she feels sad. But Jonas knows that she doesn't feel really sad. He feels attracted to Fiona. Maybe he loves her. In the evening he gives Gabriel some memories. So he can sleep faster and quiet. One day Jonas reaches the playing field, and his groupmates are playing a game which he can now recognize as being a game of war. This makes him sad, because it isn't a funny game. War is horrible. But they don't know it without the memories. Jonas ruined the game and Asher is angry about this. Than Jonas thinks about his friendships and his childhood. He whishes to be a child again without provide.