Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Jonas feelings

Dear diary

I have never felt so different. I hear the people whisper. Whisper about me. It is really unpleasent for me. But I can also understand them. It is a strange situation. I want to get out ! But I can't. It is my destiny. All the questions in my haed. They makes me more and more crazy.

My new rules for my work as the Receiver of Memory confuse me. I'm exempted from rules of the community. Normally I have to tell my dreams every morning. And now it is forbidden? Why is it forbidden to tell my dreams? Will my dreams change? Horrible dreams? Secret dreams? I'm also not permitted to apply for release. Maybe I'm too important. I guess it is a very important job in this community. I would wonder if they want to release me. I can't break the rules, because I'm exempted from rules. I may lie. But the first time will be difficult to lie. It is particulary difficult for me to lie to my parents. But sometimes I have to do it. I hope that this is the right way. But I think the old man will give me all the answers I want to know.



  1. I like this, especially the series of questions. What is going to happen to Jonas is beyond the experience, not only of Jonas himself, but of anyone in the community that he knows, parents, friends, teachers - do even the elders know what is going to happen to him... If they don't, who does? Sorry to leave you with a question..

  2. Sophia,

    I can perfectly understand why Jonas might have written such a confused diary entry. You give many reasons for his confusion in your post. I think the consequences of the strange rules Jonas is given become quite clear due to your empathetic writing.

    PS: I PARTICULARLY like the way you try to foreshadow what might happen when you give the example of which dreams might not be allowed to be told.