Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Summary and impression of Chapters 1-2

The first chapter starts with Jonas. At the beginning the reader is a bit confused, because he tries to describe his feelings. He feels frightened. But he thinks that the word "frightened" is  too strong, recalling a time when he was really frightened. It was a year ago when an unidentified aircraft flew over the community twice. At first he was fascinated but than he remembered that it was against the rules to fly over the community. And now you will get an impression of his life and his society. It will be really strange. Jonas father  had an important job. He was a Nuruter. They were responsible for all the physical and emotional needs of every newchild during its earliest life. But also they released children. That means to kill children which were not perfect enough. You become more and more clear about the strange society. The people's live was regulated predetermined and fixed. You had  to make certain experiences in your life. Everything repeated from generation to generation. And your whole life ,your work,your friends were predetermined. That's what you get to know by the conversation between Jonas and his parents. It is december. The word "december" is already at the beginning of the book. But you think only of winter. But it is more important than you think. December is a big event (a ceremony) just for Jonas . It were like his 12th birthday but the difference were that if you were 12 years old you got new responsibilities in your life from the Elders. It was the most important ceremony. The Elders were responsible for your life and they made observation. They notice everything what you did. The world was under control and Jonas hadn´t a idea what Assignment the Elders would be selecting for his future, or how he might feel about it when the day came.

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  1. First of all, Sophia - I think you found a very interesting video there. It's always a nice thing to get to know a bit more about the author!
    In your summary you write that "the Elders were responsible for your life and they made observations" - in which way did they take over responisibilities?! I hope we'll get to know a bit more about that.

    By the way: Mind the present tense in a summary!