Montag, 7. März 2011

Chapter 3

- Jonas family get a newchild called Gabriel
- Gabriel has different eyes like Jonas. Both have pale eyes. Thats what Lily notices at first.
- the most of the citizen in the community  have dark eyes, but there are exeptions like Jonas and the newchild.
- Jonas doesen´t likes it, that Lily mentions his eyes. It is not against a rule, but it is considered rude to call attention to things that are different about individuals.
- Lily talks to her family. She wants to be a bithmother.
- Her mother explains her the job. She makes her clear that it is a really bad job. You have three years and three birth. After the three years you come to the House of Old. And a birthmother never even get to see her newchild.
- Jonas thinks about his incident with an apple:
- Jonas and Asher played with an apple. He throw the apple to Asher and Asher throw it back to Jonas. It was a normal activity. Suddenly the apple changed. Not in size or shape , but in a different way. It was really strange.
- He was the only one who saw the apple changing. Asher haven´t saw it.
- He wanted to know what it was ,so he took the apple home although it was against the rules. But nothing happened. The apple was quite normal.
- Speaker reminded him that he had broken the rules

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  1. The best summary in the world. I'm realy proud to be the first who writes a comment on it ;)