Sonntag, 13. März 2011

Writing a characters's diary entry

Dear diary,
I have to digest my terrible experience, which makes me confused and scared. I haven't expect something like this.  What will await me? A Receiver. I have never heard it before. What is a Receiver? There are a lot of questions in my head. Who will give me an answer?

It was the Ceremony of Twelve. The most people says that it is the most important Ceremony. The Chief Elder has the task to inform you about your work. At the beginning everything was normal. One by one was invoked. Suddenly the Chief Elder forgot a number. My number ! I was so shocked. What was going on here? Had I heard wrong? No I hadn't.  At first I thought she had made a mistake. But the Chief Elder makes no mistakes. No. Never! The time passed slowly. Horrible slowly ! I whished that the time passed fast. I couldn't pay attention. Each time, at each announcement my heart jumped and jumped. I was really nervous. How could this happen to me? I was sure. I hadn't made a mistake. Even Asher got a job. And what about me? Now I stood there, looking to the crowd. My heart beat faster and faster. I thought for a moment that it jumped out of my chest. She said that I was selected. I ? It couldn't be true. I was a normal boy. Or not? Maybe everything was a strange dream. I will wake up in a minute. I hoped so. I was confused that she tried to explain something. She couldn't explain it. Why? She is the Chief Elder and couldn't explain a job? Very unusual. The community has only one Receiver of Memory. And old man with pale eyes like mine and a beard. He watched me intently. I noticed that he was different. He wasn't sitting in a group. He was alone and I had never noticed him before. He will trains me. His successor. Me. And I should be the right one? What will my parents think about this situation? Are they proud of me? Or disappointed ? The Chief Elder told something about pain. She said that I will be faced with it now. What is pain? Why she didn't know what pain is? The people were quiet and looked worried. I wanted to stop it and I cried that I can't. It was too much. I was sorry. But what was about the strange apple? Maybe it's my destiny. I have to accept it...


  1. I think this captures the near panic of Jonas. Yet he lives in such a controlled world that panic is an unknown concept for him. Even the chief elder doesn't really understand the situation she appears to be controlling. But then who does...?

  2. I have to say I like the part you write about the pain Jonas fears to be facing. This is a strange thing for us to imagine... not knowing pain. I'm not too sure whether this is something I like about the community in the book though.. What do you think?