Dienstag, 8. März 2011

The community

Now I have read the book till chapter 5 and one learns more about the strange community.
What we get to know:
- The Elders make observation, they know what you do in your life also in your free time
- they established harsh rules for example:
   > they have a regulated life:
   > eyerybody has to talk about their feelings with the family
   > all the children get their bicycle with the age of nine
   > The family must have 2 children, one male and one female
   > the people have to go through the same steps in life
   > the community established the volunteer hours
   > they make a plan for your future ( decide your job and your friends)
   > It is against the rules for children and adults to look at another's nakedess; but the rule did
      not apply to newchildren or the Old.
   > unusual children can be "released" and the old people will be "released" -a decision of the community
      ( We have a strange feeling with the word "released"... maybe it is something like "to kill")
   > the people get pills when they get their first Stirrings. The pills will stop that feeling. (This example shows
      that the people are manipulated)

by Dominiq and Sophia


  1. I think you sum up the important informations and I agree with this, but maybe you can chance the text type, because it needs a lot of space, although it looks very nice.
    Additionally there are some mistakes, did you write it in Word? For example "decide your job and your FIENDS" or "not apply TO TO newchildren or the Old"... maybe next time you should look for mistakes before you post something :)
    But how I said: Good work and to notice the rules could be helpfull in the following chapters.

    Well done! :D

  2. It is strange that the Elders make plans for one's future, isn't it? I mean - what's your choice then?