Samstag, 12. März 2011

The Giver - Trailer


I found a nice video, a trailer of "The Giver"

I like the background music, because it seems very mysterious and exciting. You feel a kind of danger. The main content is well adapted to the book. At first everything in this world looks gray and cold. But suddenly the apple changes the color like in chapter 3. The Scene starts with the airplane in the gray sky and at the end the world get more and more color.


  1. That's an interesting discovery. I'm really looking forward to the film. I didn't know they were working on a film. But apparently is a long term project... In case they have it realesed until our summer hols we could think about going to the movies with the class to watch it!

  2. I think they didn't were working on a film. I think a class made it.